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What is Google Analytics sampling?

Google Analytics sampling is the selection of a subset of your data and reporting on the trends detected in the sample set. This is done in Google Analytics to expedite report requests for large data sets. When your report is based on sampled data, you have the option to adjust the sample size to either increase accuracy or speed.

Sampling is a common technique used in statistical analysis. Analyzing a representative subset of data will produce similar results to the analysis of an entire data set. Most importantly, sampling in Google Analytics expedites report processing so you can view your requested data within seconds.

When does Google Analytics sample data?

Google Analytics sampling occurs automatically when more than 500,000 sessions (25M for Google Analytics Premium) are included in a report.

Is there a way to add more than one website to unSampler?

Yes, you can select other websites from the Profile View drop down. There are no limits as to the number of accounts, properties, and views in Google Analytics that you can connect to with your unSampler account.

How long does it take to run a big report?

Most big reports come back within 3 hours and small reports as fast as minutes. You will be notified by email when your unsampled data report is ready.

Can more templates be added to the Solutions Gallery?

Yes! If you have ideas for a report request template we’d love to hear about it and add it to our gallery.

How can I use filters within my unsampled data report request?

This is an advanced field. Your best resource to understand the syntax of the Filter field is to review the Google Analytics Core API filter syntax here: An example would be: ga:browser==Chrome

Can I automate reports to be sent to me every week?

Yes, unSampler supports scheduling on all paid plans. One very useful feature is the ability to use rolling start/end dates and to schedule the report to run at a specific hour.

Does unSampler have an API for my ETL process?

There is no end-user API for unSampler at this time. You can however parse the email notification’s ‘Download’ link to automate download of the data as part of your ETL process. If you have additional questions, please let us know.

I don’t see my new segment or Profile View that I just created. What do I do?

To speed up the user interface, unSampler will cache this data. To request a refresh of the Account/Property/View data or Segments, head over to the ‘Settings’ page and click on the appropriate Reset button.

Can I use my unSampler login for multiple Google Analytics logins?

No, you can only be authenticated with one Google Analytics login at a time. You need to have an unSampler account for each separate Google Analytics login.

What is a Tableau Data Extract (TDE)?

A Tableau Data Extract (TDE) file is a compressed snapshot of data stored on disk and loaded into memory as required to render a Tableau visualization. The benefit of unSampler exporting to this format is that the data is put into Tableau’s columnar database structure, which stores column values together rather than row values. As a result, this dramatically reduces the input/output required to access and aggregate the values in a column. This is highly efficient for analytics analysis and data discovery. Simply put, the TDE is a columnar data store, and unSampler makes it seamless to get your data into this format for immediate use in Tableau analysis and visualization. Interested to learn more? Read why use the TDE format?

How do I cancel my paid plan?

Simply click “Cancel Plan” within settings. This will cancel the paid subscription and revert you to the free plan.

If I cancel my paid subscription and revert to the free plan, will I lose my old reports?

You will still be able to see and download all of your old Google Analytics unsampled data reports, however, you will lose access to the scheduling tab and your old “scheduled reports” will no longer be run.

I only need to use the paid plan for one month, is that okay? Is there a contract or commitment?

There is no contract or commitment. If you cancel your plan, you will be automatically reverted to the free plan and have access to your existing unsampled data reports.

Do you offer a free trial?

We offer the Basic plan, which is completely free but has some limitations compared to our paid plans.

Do you offer multi-user or corporate accounts?

Yes, we do offer corporate accounts. Please contact us for more information at

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