How unSampler helps avoid sampled data in Google Analytics

unSampler is a SaaS product developed by Blast Analytics & Marketing that allows you to download unsampled data from a Google Analytics Standard profile. It breaks your report query into smaller date ranges and aggregates them again, thus avoiding sampling.

If you aren’t ready to upgrade to Google Analytics Premium, unSampler is a great way to access your unsampled data. While there are other ways to get at your unsampled data, unSampler is quick, easy-to-use and, most importantly, accurate. Be aware that we developed this tool when other tools proved to be unreliable and less powerful.


Authorize Google Analytics Access

After creating an account login, navigate to the Settings page by clicking the link in the top right corner of the website.

Click the Authorize Use button to authorize your Google Analytics account and Accept the permissions terms.

Run Your First Unsampled Report Request

Navigate to the Request Data page where you will select your account from the Authorized Google Analytics drop-down list.

In the second dropdown, select your desired Google Analytics Property.

Finally, select your Google Analytics View.


Get Started Fast with Templates

Looking for specific unsampled Google Analytics reports including Ecommerce Data, Event Data, or Traffic Data? Use our data request templates to include the appropriate dimensions and metrics or tailor it as needed.

Select Your Desired Dimensions & Metrics

Choose the Google Analytics dimensions and metrics you’d like to use to request your unsampled report data. Remember, you can choose up to 7 dimensions and 10 metrics per report.

Last but not least, select your date range and Generate Report.


Manage & Download Your Unsampled Data

Once your unsampled Google Analytics data report request is complete, you can do any of the following:

  • Quickly preview your report within the application
  • Copy your report to use the same parameters to create a new one
  • Download a CSV file
  • Download a TDE (Tableau Data Extract) file
  • Delete your report

What are you waiting for?

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